Nenad Bach International Newsletter No. 59: Winter 2024



March 3, 2024


Dear All,

After more than 2.5 years or 30 months I am finally putting the 59th newsletter together with my dear friend and editor Marko Puljic. Unfortunately I lost my domain nenadbach(dot)com due to my negligence so that the address that you have been receiving this newsletter will be different and I hope that your mailbox will not reject it immediately.

In any case, so many memories and desires have happened in the meantime, I think that the best thing is to just continue and see where it leads us to.

Just a few links will tell you a story,


There will be no lack of ambition. In 2024, I will release my 7th and 8th album. Music from the movies played by symphony orchestra, and Forgotten Songs, album with the songs that I either recorded but never released or never recorded at all but remembered them. Let's see if I really accomplish that.

My YouTube channel reached 1000 subscribers and over 1 million views click here

You can see the award winning documentary film by Victor Zimet “Everything is Forever” on my YouTube channel.  

PingPongParkinson® YouTube channel is now operational, check it out

My main preoccupation after having Parkinson for 14 years is a global movement PingPongParkinson® that I started on March 1, 2017.

Check my daughter Ana's first recorded song "Diamond in the Rough"

and more

Peace on Earth,


Two major tournaments are listed below:
9-12 May 2024 PingPongParkinson® German Open
14-19 October 2024 PingPongParkinson® World Championship Laško Slovenia

ESPN Outside the Lines Nenad Bach & PingPongParkinson

2023 PingPongParkinson® World Championship, Wels, Austria

Ping Pong um esporte importante no auxílio para recuperação de quem tem Parkinson

Ping-pong serves up therapy for mind and body among people with Parkinson's disease


PingPongParkinson® World Championship 2022 Pula, Croatia

PingPongParkinson® World Championship | Pula, Croatia Oct 12-16, 2022

PingPongParkinson World Championship 2022 PULA, Croatia 5 days summary


Nenad, Who Plays Ping Pong

Ping Pong Parkinson (Facebook Meta) 5.7 million views in the first week!

Ping Pong in VR

Bringing back their smiles | TV Maribor 15.3.2023

Ping Pong Parkinson launches Madison chapter

Unusual treatment for Parkinson's Disease opens in Philadelphia

People With Parkinson's Finding Relief Through Ping-Pong

Musician Nenad Bach is transforming the lives of people with Parkinson’s through ping pong 

Ping Pong Parkinson: Nenad Bach's story

PingPongParkinson Training Session

We Call It Ping Pong Parkinson

PingPongParkinson: It Started With A Tremor And It's Shaking Up The World

Why Parkinson's Disease Should Be Recognized By the International Paralympic Committee

World Peace in One Hour

Ana Bach - Diamond in the Rough - Video I Will Follow You Hi-rez - Video Everything Is Forever Hi-rez - Video Digital Revolution Hi-rez - Video Daughter's Eyes Hi-Rez

Directed by Zoran Orlic, produced by Nenad Bach - Video I will Follow You performed last year with the Dubuque Symphony Orchestra - I Love Ping Pong Official Music Video

Newsletter editor: Marko Puljic.

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The Nenad Bach Band is:
Nenad Bach: lead vocal, piano, acoustic guitar
JoeDeSanctis: keyboards, backing vocal, melodica
Richard Lindsey: bass, backing vocal
Michael O’Keefe: drums, backing vocal
Al Orlo: guitar



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